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Real Estate Staging Consultations


Even the seemingly perfect home can benefit from a staging consultation.  During the consultation the designiner will tour the home and begin to build a story.  The story isn't that of the current homeowner, it's the prospective buyer's story.  The designer then offers feedback on how to best showcase each room to highlight the architectural details and appeal to the largest target market.  SIMPLICITY consultations are unique in that homeowners get a female AND male perspective of the home since male and females notice and look for different things when viewing a home.  Feedback is provided on decor, color, lighting, spacial arrangement, flooring, use of space, and exterior details.  During this time designers may begin collecting photos and notes for additional services.


Duration: 1-2 hours    

Economy One Day and Half Day Staging


One Day Staging is the perfect package for homeowners that need simple staging or those that simply don't have it in the budget to stage.  SIMPLICITY's One Day Staging Package works with the homeowners own furnishings to rearrange and accessorize several select rooms in a home that can be completed in one day.  Half day staging packages are available to homeowners who only need one or two rooms staged. Not all homes are candidates for one day staging.  SIMPLICITY designers are available to view each project individually to determine what can realistically be completed in one day.




Occupied Home Staging


For the most effective and comprehensive staging, SIMPLICITY offers occupied home staging.  This form of staging is similar to a one day staging but involves staging most if not all of the house.  These stagings are much more entailed and may include painting services provided directly through SIMPLICITY or from an outside company.  Some occupied stagings even include furniture and accessory rental when neccessary.  An occupied staging may also addess lighting and flooring.  SIMPLICITY can oversee the process of preparing the house for sale from start to finish and even recommend contractors, organziers, clean out crews.  



Vacant Home Staging


SIMPLICITY specializes in vacant home staging. Every home is a custom design, developed from both a male/female perspective. Behind the scenes, a storyboard is mapped out of the prospective buyers by analyzing the target market.  A custom design is created for each room that best highlights the architectural details of a space and furniture is selected that creates a lifestyle catered to the desires of the target market.  SIMPLICITY vacant stagings are interior marketing  at its best. Paint is often reccomendend, with in house services available. Lighting is also addressed..  Furniture and accessory rental is available in house and through our national supplier.


Because it is extensive and time consuming, vacant home estimates require a consultation (there is a consultation fee) at which time we will visit the home, measure, take notes, and photos.  We then spend hours and we mean hours analyzing the competition and creating a custom design plan.  A portion of the consultation fee will be credited back should you decide to stage with us.



Furniture and Accessory Rental


SIMPLICITY provides furniture and accessory rental in house and through our suppliers.  Though we stage at all price points, we have specialized in luxury real estate for ten years and are therfore particular about the style of furnishings used in our homes.  As a result, a piece must pass quality and aestetic standards before being used in a SIMPLICITY staging.  We strongly believe the furnishings can directly impact the perceived value of a home.  We carefully consider every piece so that it highlights and relates to the architecture of the home and is in line with the trends of the home's target market.  Our work is our art.  We pride ourselves in creating a very fine line between staging and interior design, while keeping careful consideration of budget and return on investment.



Painting Services and Color Consultations


Paint can completely transform a home.  Whether you are looking to paint a simple room, wondering if you can paint over wallpaper, or looking to transform outdated kitchen cabinets with paint, SIMPLICITY has you covered.  The company prides itself in partnering with the best in the industry, with years of experience in custom painting for high end homes.  SIMPLICITY designers are also available for color consultations.  No need to deliberate over colors, trust SIMPLICITY to select colors that are perfect for staging and perfect you decorating.

SIMPLICITY Kitchen Flips


Kitchens can bring the greatest return on investment. Creating a dream kitchen that leave buyers racing to sign a contract can be a costly investment.  With SIMPLICITY kitchen flips, we can transform your kitchen cabinets for a fraction of the cost.  Did you know our creative director is also a high-end residential detail painter with over 20 years of experience!  He oversees the projects through our trusted partners and vendors. Our clients have been blown away at the results.  Whether you're selling a home or looking for an inexpensive upgrade to your kitchen, contact us today for a free estimate,



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