What Our Clients Have to Say....




"SIMPLICITY exceeded my expectations by miles and miles." -Susan L., client



"Absolutely gorgeous!  We are so pleased with the staging." -Lillian and Richmond B., client 



"I knew you guys were good.  Saw some photos of your work today and its absolutely fantastic!! Plus our realtor just added money to the list price after seeing the staging (and it wasnt even completely done)!! Thanks for being fabulous!  -Laurel B., client -first offer 1 week after staging/house pulled off market



"You guys were great and you did a wonderful job at a very fair price. I recommend you all the time." -Peter R. -multiple offers 1 day after staging/house sold for over asking price



"'I've known Darlene and Jason for years and would highly recommend them. They listen to what's needed to make a house look it's very best in a very competitive market." John S., Realtor -most recent house staged received 1st offer in a week and a half after staging



"You were a delight to work with, talented, committed and concerned to have your process work within my budget and needs."  - Georgene B., client -first accepted offer 1 week after staging//after dealing with some inspection issues house sold 6 months after staging after being on for 4 years unstaged prior!!



"Highly recommend SIMPLICITY!!! Already have recommended them to a few people." -JoEllen R, client -multiple offers 1 day after staging/ house sold for over asking price



"Darlene - thank you to both you and Jason.  I have not made it there yet but my wife thinks you did a terrific job. I am sure I will love it as well.  Thanks Again for your help and for asking for feedback!" -Scott L., client -house rented due to staging



"I always give your name and recommend you. I am always surprised at how many seller's do not understand. We try to educated them...." -Catherine Weinstock, Realtor



"You guys are great." -Jim Grigg, Realtor



"Thank you for your help selling the house. We really admired what you came up with and it was wonderful working with you. I hope you get more business out our way." Mary B., client  -house received an accepted offer 1 week after staging



"Darlene and Jason, Everything looks beautiful!  Don't recognize the downstairs- thank you both for all you did to get it to look so well."  -Katherine B., client  -house received accepted offer 30 days after staging was on the market unstaged for a year prior



"You are so good at what you do and I am forever grateful." -Holly S, Realtor 



"OMG...you are so good!  Love photos too!" Eileen S, Realtor



"I sold the house!!! We are very happy. Thank you so much."  Louisa D., client -house sold for just under asking 1 month after staging



"I hope your business has been doing well.  I really believe you and Jason were a big reason for our home’s sale.   You two rock!"  Kathleen L, client






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