As staging has evolved over the past 10+ years, sellers and Realtors are trusting the expertise of the stager to make suggestions on home enhancements well beyond the furniture. It's critical for sellers to know that unlike real estate which requires weeks of coursework and passing a State licensing exam, staging is a deregulated industry and anyone can call themselves a stager with zero to minimal coursework.  If one chooses to take a class, the average course is 2-5 days.  Imagine becoming an expert in anything in 2-5 days?  There are house cleaners, organizers, and painting companies adding staging to their list of expertise.  There are stay-at-home moms and retirees that stage homes as a hobby.  The level of expertise and experience will vary greatly. With this variation in experience will come great variations in the cost of hiring a stager.

In your research, you may find a company willing to stage your home cheaper.  So why stage with SIMPLICITY?

1.  EXPERIENCE MATTERS.  SIMPLICITY started staging homes in New Jersey in 2006 when there were only a small handful of stagers (many of whom have since left the industry) and most Realtors knew nothing about staging.  We have perfected our art through 10+ years of experience.  Not to mention both partners were on-air designers for season 5 of HGTV's Real Estate Intervention.

2.  EDUCATION MATTERS.  Staging is really where design meets the real estate profession. One of the partners was a licensed practicing Realtor.  This provides our company a thorough knowledge of real estate laws, liability, and an inside knowledge of what truly makes a difference in the sale of a home.  The other partner worked in-house for Prudential Corporate (now Berkshire Hathaway) for seven years.  BOTH partners studied design in college.  One holding an MFA from Pratt and the other from NYU.  


3.  DESIGN SKILLS MATTER.  We have discovered there are many different levels of staging ability.  The company has developed a system called DESIGN FOR REAL ESTATE -where design skills and real estate expertise are utilized specifically for the sale of a home.  This includes a deep analysis of the target market, a competitive analysis, input on cosmetic upgrades, project management of these upgrades, color theory, lighting, and furniture.  In our experience, good vacant staging takes more than 1 day to complete and intelligent staging takes more than one or two pieces of furniture that simply "indicate" what a room "could be". We sell a lifestlye brand custom to each home that increases buyers perceived value of a property.

4. COMMITMENT MATTERS.  SIMPLICITY is not a hobbyist or part-time staging business.  We are a full-time, full service firm that specifically focuses on staging and design for the real estate industry.  We will occassionally take on interior design/decorating projects but we are extremely selective of these clients in order to keep the real estate industry our primarly focus.  While we have an outstanding record of success, if a home isn't selling to the speed we prefer, we are typically on the phone with the client or Realtor to see if there is anything else we can do on our end.  We care about the results of our stagings.  If something doesn't make sense for the sale, we will tell the client.  We're out for sucess of the sale and not to make quick money.


5.  RESULTS MATTER.  There are many parts of a sale.  Condition is only one.  As a result we can't make any promises but SIMPLICITY staged homes have an outstanding track record of success.  Many of our staged homes receives offers in less than 30 days.  Last month, 4 of our staged homes received offers in 1-2 weeks.  Three of those homes received multiple offers for over the asking price. Many new stagers will simply give the national average which says nothing for their ability to get a home sold as a result of their staging.

The investment in the sale of your home (often a seller's largest investment) is an important decision.  Like investing in the stock market, your return is generally directly proportionate to the amount you put in.  Allow SIMPLICITY to be your trusted advisor in the process.


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