Top 5 Reasons to Stage a Home

Staging a home is more critical than ever. Would you join a fishing competition and throw your line in without bait? That's essentially what a homeonwer is doing when they opt not to stage. Though staging may seem like a difficult expense for homeowners to swallow when they are leaving a home, the reasons for staging far outnumber the objections. Below are hte top 10 reasons to stage your home:

1. Quality staging can increase the perceived value of your home.

No stager can tell you they can get you more money for your home, but good stagers can increase the "perceived" value of your home.

2. Staging is an investment and costs less than a price reduction.

If you were handed two checks and asked to sign one, which would you sign? The one written to a staging company who would use it to improve and invest in your home or the one that said price reduction which would essentially go to nothing. Which would you choose?

3. Staging, along with great photos, increases foot traffic to your home.

4. Staged homes typically sell faster than non-staged homes.

In most cases of homes staged by SIMPLICITY that sat on the market for at least 1 month-4 years prior to calling SIMPLICITY, sold in 1 day-1 month after staging.

5. Most buyers cannot visualize the potential of a home.

Good staging eliminates objections and leaves less to the imagination.

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