Re-inventing Accessories with Color

You spend hours in Home Goods and Pier 1 searching for the perfect accessory to complement your newly designed living room. That adorable woodsy owl accented your farmhouse decor in the Fall but Summer is here and you're craving color. The living room is now sprinkled in blue and white, hinting at sunsets in Cape Cod. Your heart skips a beat as you sink into your white slip cover sofa. Looking around the room you are in love again but as your eye trails to your creamy white built-ins, you realize the owl is simply out of place. It needs something more. A dash of drama. Red! So the hunt begins for a new accessory. You search tirelessly but either it's the wrong style, wrong size, or wrong shape. Finally, you find the perfect piece but it's the wrong color. If only re-designing a room didn't have to mean the end of a favorite accent piece or passing by a great find. The search is over. With a can of spray paint, you can reinvent nearly any accessory with color.

Accessory color changes are simple and inexpensive. In just a few easy steps, you can have a new look for less:

1. Determine the surface material of the accessory. Is it made of wood, plastic, metal, styrafoam? You'll need to determine this in order to select the correct paint. If you're unsure, bring the item with you to your local hardware or craft store. Experts can be helpful in determining the appropriate paint for your surface.

This owl was made of wood.

2. At the hardware or craft store, you'll need:

-paint (spray paint is often easiest)

-a brush if you are not using spray paint/ a mask if you are

-a plastic paint tarp or newspaper

- an old cardboard box (they can often give you a free one from the stock room)

3. Go outside or to a well ventilated area. Place down your tarp, the box on top of it, and the accessory you wish to paint on top of that. Put on your mask and start spraying.

The jack was also the perfect example of an accessory piece in the wrong color. Orange wasn't going to work. A quick spritz of red is all it needed.

Tips for working with spray paint:

-Don't get too close. Keep the can about 12 inches away from the accessory.

-spray in short even strokes back and forth. If you spray too much and too heavy in any one area it will drip.

-start in layers. Get a base coat then return for a second coat.

-once one side is completely dry, turn it over and paint the other side,

There you have it. A re-invented accessory for the cost of a can of spray paint.

Decorating made simple!

Designing with Darlie

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