Understanding the importance of staging a traditional home...

Many of our clients have very traditional homes that suite their personal design aesthetics -from floral fabric furnishings to damask wallpaper. Too much of one style can be distracting to buyers. Traditional furnishings become particularly challenging when selling a home. Some pieces can inappropriately date even a new construction. To help understand the importance of staging a traditional home, we're offering a backstage pass into one of our staged properties. We reinvented this traditional home with clean-lined transitional pieces that highlight the architecture and leave room for the buyers to visualize their ow personal design style in each space. Take a look at how we took this home from traditional to transitional in only 2 days.

In each photo, notice where your eye travels first...

The living room BEFORE:

I'm going to guess your eye travel straight to the area rug, right? Heavy patterned area rugs and sofas can distract from the features of the room. It steals the focus from the selling points.

Where does your eye go to first in the next photo?

The living room AFTER:

I'm going to guess you noticed the french doors? Neutral fabrics and patterns are "style neutral". I should trademark that! They give buyers an idea of space planning without directing them to a given style. They also allow the eye to travel and notice the architecture in a room.

The library BEFORE:

Again, we bet that area rug stole your attention. Perhaps it was it the dark paneling? Now let's look at the after...

The Library AFTER:

Neutral fabrics and light accessories help take this traditional library to transitional and takes years off the woodwork. This library will be the subject of an upcoming blog so let's move on before I give away too much.

The Master Bedroom BEFORE:

Did you know colors can be traditional as well. The green walls dictates the style of the home, somewhat. In this bedroom the furnishings are mission AND contemporary. Let's simplify this...

The Master AFTER:

The neutral wall color beautifully highlights the picture window. Transitional furnishings keep the look simple and style neutralTM. Ok, just practicing.

The Family Room BEFORE:

Amazing architecture is upstaged by the larger green sofa. Again, let's simplify this for buyers and help them notice those gorgeous windows:

The Family Room AFTER:

Let's get one more shot of that from the breakfast room:




Dining Room BEFORE:

One last time...what traditional element stole your focus? I'll guess you said the wallpaper. Strong patterns on wallpaper will do the same thing that heavily patterned area rugs do: upstage the architecture and dictate the style of the home.

Dining Room AFTER:

Ahhh....there are those windows. Oh wait..what is that? French doors to a beautiful patio? Did you notice that in the before photo?

Traditional homeowners often have a difficult time understanding why they should stage their home. It generally reflects their personal design aesthetics and in many cases an interior designer was involved in their design. After staging, our traditional clients typically have an Ah Ha moment and say "Now I get it." Staging and interior design, though they utilize the same principals in theory, are very different industries.

So if you have a traditional home that is ready to go on the market, call SIMPLICITY for a consultation and let's get that house sold. Don't worry, we'll coax you through it. You'll be okay. It's just flowers.

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