The Steps of the Staging Process

Step 1: The Consultation

Every staging begins with a consultation.  This is a walk-through of the home with feedback for the client.  At this time we take photos, write notes, then send clients a detailed room by room report on enhancements that may best increase the perceived value of the home.  Suggestions may include: color recommendations, furniture placement, art placement, de-cluttering, and how accessories can be used to best enhance the features of the space.

Step 2: The Estimate

After receiving consultation notes, clients may request an estimate for staging services, selection services, or color consultations.  The estimates for occupied homes are free.  Estimates for vacant homes are billable time as they are VERY entailed.  They require us to create the design in advance, from furnishings to accessories, in order to price out the pieces and provide an accurate estimate.  Clients may request a ballpark range of what average stagings cost in advance of deciding if staging is within their budget.  The estimate will include our design fee, furniture and accessory rental if needed. Once clients receive the estimates, they make arrangements with us for a staging date.

There is no charge for occupied homes requiring no to minimal furniture rental.

There is a non-refundable $199 fee for vacant homes requiring a formal estimate with furniture rental.

Step 3: The Color Consult

Greige, the combination of grey and beige, is incredibly popular these days for real estate sales.  It gives rooms an instant update.  However it's also incredibly difficult to specify.  Because greige colors contain undertones of purple, blue, green, and red they change colors based on how light enters a space.  We have seen designer favorite Revere Pewter go green, blue, and even pink in different spaces.  That's why it's so important to get a color consult.  We are color experts and know how to look at an analyze colors to get the best results.  We also are experts on the hottest colors that sell homes.

Step 3: Occupied staging

The Pre-Stage:

There is a common misconception that staging is simply house cleaning or de-cluttering.  These suggestions may be noted in the consultation notes but they are line items home owners take on themselves or hire a service professional to complete. Prior to staging, we generally suggest organizers, if needed. We will also tag items to be removed from each room that we would not use.  Clients can arrange to move these items themselves or we can suggest a moving company.  Clients often store items in basements and garages, in storage facilities, or arrange for a POD to be delivered which can then be moved to a storage location.  We also suggest clients move anything very valuable.  


Staging Day:

On staging day, we arrive to rearrange furnishings to highlight the best features and flow of each space, often borrowing items from other rooms.  We change and move around art and accessories.  Some clients also rent art and accessories directly through SIMPLICITY which we hang and place at this time.  Staging can take one day to several days depending upon the size of the home and scope of the work involved.

Vacant staging

While it is called a vacant staging, this really means staging with furniture rental.  Furniture rental is typically for a 3 month period but can be extended.  We rent art, bedding, and accessories as well. Clients are not reimbursed unused time if the home sells faster.  Even if a deal comes in the first day, closing typically takes two months and you will want to keep the furniture until all contingencies are satisfied.

The Pre-Stage:

If the home needs to be painted or it is suggested that fixtures we replaced, this should occur prior to staging.  Homes that are occupied but renting furnishings should have those items not being used to stage removed prior to the staging day.  We can suggest a moving company if needed.


Staging Day 1:

We arrive with our furniture vendor to place furnishings.  We then leave to continue collecting art and accessories from our warehouse or shop for additional items we may need to complete the staging.

Staging Day 2-4:

We return to place our art, bedding, lighting and accessories.  This can often take 1-4 days depending upon the size and scepter of the project. We generally recommend clients estimate a complete 3-4 days of staging prior to booking the photographer.


Once the home is as close to closing as possible, we return with our vendor to pick up the furniture, art, and accessories.

Every job is a custom quote.

Design for Real Estate

SIMPLICITY offers design services for the real estate industry.  From color, lighting, appliances, hardware, and flooring.  Many builders, contractors, and flippers truest us for our expertise and knowledge of the industry.


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